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We buy houses in all conditions, no repairs required.

There is no pressure or obligation to accept our offers. We do not charge any commissions or fees for our service!


The She Buys Houses Family


It was fast and efficient working with Jill and her husband. They were able to make me a quick offer on my home in St James after our first meeting and i accepted. With the fast possession date i was able to get my money for the house and move on quick. I would work with them again.

Brian L, Winnipeg, MB

3 Easy Steps to Receiving an Offer

Step One

Simply give us a quick call or fill out the form above and provide us with a few details about your property.

Step Two

We will call you within 48 hours to discuss the details of your property or arrange an appointment to view your house. 

Step Three

We will make you a fair cash offer.  In the event that you like our offer, we can close at a time that you choose. If you need to sell right away, we can pay cash and close quickly.

About Us

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Jillian Rukhra is the founder of She Buys Houses Inc. A Professional Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Executive Coach for Manitoba’s largest real estate training academy, Team Made Real Estate Inc. Along with her husband they have been investing in the Winnipeg real estate market since 2008. They pride themselves on working along side with home owners to purchase they're unwanted properties.

If you are considering selling your property “As Is” in its current condition and you would like to avoid expensive real estate commissions or the worry of costly maintenance and repairs then we would love to hear from you.

We believe we can exceed your expectations with our simple 3 step approach to buying properties. We specialize in helping homeowners who are faced with difficult situations such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce or the inheritance of an unwanted property find a win-win solution allowing them to close a difficult chapter and move on with their lives.

We are here for you to answer any questions you may have about our services or the process of selling your house privately. You may contact us at your earliest convenience or continue visiting our website to receive a free cash offer for your home. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

We look forward to serving,
The She Buys Houses Team


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Manjit and Jill were great to work with. They met with my mother and I, who i own the home with several times to agree on a sale price and get signatures until the offer was accepted and sent to our lawyer. We would recommend them to anyone looking for professional investors to sell there home too!

Kim M, Winnipeg, MB

After my wife passed away i found it very hard to manage our duplex until i contacted Jill about selling the home. She was a pleasure to deal with and made me an offer that i was comfortable with. She also referred me to a trusted lawyer and covered my lawyer costs and came through on her promise. I would refer anyone looking to sell their home who doesn't want to pay a commission for selling it!

Irwin W, Portage La Prairie, MB

This was the absolute easiest sale of a home I have ever engaged in. Manjit was incredibly flexible, courteous, professional and friendly. His associates were equally positive and professional. I would strongly recommend using this service for a truly trustworthy and headache free way to sell your home. Fair prices, easy transaction and reliable!

Aneesa Rutkowski, Winnipeg, MB

We used this company to sell our house. Everything was an easy and smooth transition. I highly recommend She Buys Houses! Manjit was friendly and knowledgeable. 5 Stars!!

Jaclyn Rhodes, Winnipeg, MB

Manjit's company contacted me via phone. I was quite pleased as I had been thinking about selling my house for a while now but had not taken any action. Manjit came out and made an offer on my home and I accepted it. It was great because he bought the property as is, so I didn't have to worry about buyers traipsing through my home, or expensive realtor fees. He was very respectful and forthright in his dealings with me. I appreciated his honesty.

Ingrid Zacharias, Winnipeg, MB

I've been part of a few home re-marketing projects with Jill and her team. From our very first encounter, Jill has been a pleasure to work with. I believe the way someone handles their business shows the character of a person, and this high level of quality is very much the case with Jill. Projects were appropriately budgeted, potential job-site issues were correctly resolved, all paperwork done by the book, and all projects sold right on schedule for top dollar. Nothing was left to chance, no corners cut, and the level of professional transparency was refreshing. I wouldn't hesitate to do more projects together in the future.

Josh K, Winnipeg, MB

It was fast and efficient working with Jill and her husband. They were able to make me a quick offer on my home in St James after our first meeting and i accepted. With the fast possession date i was able to get my money for the house and move on quick. I would work with them again.

Brian L, Winnipeg, MB

Dealt with Manjit. Even when he was on vacation it was very easy to get a hold of him. He met my mother's needs and possession date. It was fast, informative and we felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Getting everything approved was also quick. Excellent service throughout and professional. They opened a window of great opportunity for my mom to finally move after 23years living in her home. Thank you Manjit for your excellent work. Definitely recommend it.

Jennifer Karpiak, Winnipeg, MB

Just wanted to leave a recommendation for the folks at She Buys Houses - they are wonderful! I was trying to get a quick sale on my Winnipeg house so I contacted them; In the end we couldn't come to a deal but at no time did I feel pressured and they were always respectful of my situation and wishes. Do contact them if you need a quick sale, they live up to their promise to give a fair valuation and a low pressure approach.

JE Anderson, Winnipeg, MB

Excellent service highly recommended! Manjit help us to sell our property in a short period of time.Very professional and well knowledgeable.

Joseph Dualan, Winnipeg, MB



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